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Feds crack down on Tesla Autopilot safety cheat device

Verizon stops selling customer location to two data brokers after one is caught leaking it

Microsoft says it is “dismayed” by the forced separation of migrant families at the border

Senate Votes To Reinstate ZTE Ban That’s Nearly Shut Down the Company

Breaking down France’s new $76M Africa startup fund

Elizabeth Holmes reportedly steps down at Theranos after criminal indictment

Judge says ‘literal but nonsensical’ Google translation isn’t consent for police search

European and Indian regulators team up to defend net neutrality

NXP-Qualcomm $44B deal to clear China as Trump authorizes $50B tariffs

Cops Are Confident iPhone Hackers Have Found a Workaround to Apple’s New Security Feature

ZTE has few cards left to play to avoid ‘death penalty’

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