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Gad Elmaleh’s new comedy special ‘American Dream’ is worth a watch

Ketchup slices: shaped like cheese singles but look like fruit leather

Street style photographer Bill Cunningham left behind a secret memoir

Craigslist personals shut down indefinitely due to recently passed ‘FOSTA’

Trump NatSec advisor HR McMaster to resign. Fox News analyst John Bolton to replace.

Russian nerve agent attack may leave Skripals with ‘limited mental capacity’

Flight crew member smuggles 9 pounds of cocaine worth $160K in his pants

Dave Pell on “The Flight of the Zuckerberg”

Genetic analysis reveals that bizarre extraterrestrial skeleton isn’t extraterrestrial

Earwigs’ incredible “origami” wings inspire robotic gripper design

Gun-porn turns to horny-porn in the search for new digs

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