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Verizon stops selling customer location to two data brokers after one is caught leaking it

Amazon Shareholders To Jeff Bezos: Stop Marketing Facial Recognition Tool

Here are 15 privacy settings you should change from defaults, from Linkedin to cellphones to smart TVs

UK report warns DeepMind Health could gain ‘excessive monopoly power’

Some Prominent Tech Companies Are Paying Big Money To Kill a California Privacy Initiative

Gmail for iOS will now use AI to filter push notifications

Purdue’s PHADE technology lets cameras ‘talk’ to you

Comey, Who Investigated Hillary Clinton For Using Personal Email For Official Business, Used His Personal Email For Official Business

Apple’s officially making it harder for cops to bust into your iPhone

Spanish Soccer League App In Google Play Wants To Use Phone Mics To Enforce Copyrights

Facebook holds eye-tracking technology patents, but denies using them…for now

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