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After filming giant squids, scientists ponder what else lurks deep within the oceans

Analysis: Zillow Shows Rising Seas Threaten Over 300,000 Homes

Space Really Does Need Traffic Cops

A woman sued NASA to keep a vial of moon dust. But is it really from the moon?

Trump Hasn’t Signed a Space Force Into Being—Yet

What’s under those clothes? This system tracks body shapes in real time

Extreme volcanic eruptions could explain mysterious rock formation on Mars

This Tug of War With a Lion Isn’t About Strength—It’s About Friction

Slashdotter: I’ve had a pillcam stuck in my gut for 12 weeks and counting

The Collapse of a $40 Million Nutrition Science Crusade

Frozen Rat Kidney Shipping Container: The incredibly bounty of the NIH’s 3D printables repository

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