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In honor of Earth Day, here’s the most detailed satellite view of the Northern Hemisphere yet

It’s 4/20, and an FDA Panel Just OK’d a Drug Made From Marijuana

Science’s “Reproducibility Crisis” Is Now Political Ammunition

Meteor Diamonds Confirm Protoplanets Once Existed in Our Solar System

23andMe Wants You to Share Even More Health Data

Oil spills can be sucked up by this ‘sponge’ that’s also made from oil

Technique to beam HD video with 99 percent less power could sharpen the eyes of smart homes

For better or worse, NASA finally has a new leader

Why scientists think cows could be the largest animals on land in 300 years

Silurian Hypothesis: What If Humans Aren’t the First Civilization on Earth?

Carbon Fiber Artificial Muscles Can Lift 12,000 Times Their Weight

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